A traditional craft gardening company.

I gained my experience farming and gardening in Sussex. In 2008 I started my own business in soft landscaping.  

My interests moved towards plants and trees and creating self-sustaining habitats.  I garden in a hands on manner, in all weather, throughout the seasons.


Selecting plants that suit the conditions of your garden is key.  I make recommendations based upon soil analysis, orientation and exposure to the elements. Often, weeds found naturally in borders act as a good indication of which plants in cultivation may suit the conditions. The structure of your soil maybe improved or impoverished accordingly.


I will advise on how your plot can be restored, manipulated and enhanced through cultivation and good management. My focus is on the delicate relationships between soil and roots that allow plants to flourish, increasing stock through natural propagation. This is what I strive to deliver throughout the year.  This is rootcraft.


I offer informed advice and work quietly, in a considerate fashion.  A good natured approach to craft gardening.